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The Etymology of Number

"The Etymology of Number" is a four-part lecture series that re-evaluates the way we see numbers, math, and the world around us. Through this new lens we are able to learn and apply a new level of understanding to physics, chemistry, photonics, gravity, music, art, architecture, mathematics, measurement, time, and ultimately expanding our individual and collective consciousness.

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The Language of Light

“The Language of Light” is a 6-part online lecture series for participants that have completed "The Etymology of Number" course. This advanced curriculum builds upon the concepts and numerical pattern methodologies described in the first lecture series, in order to explore deeper discoveries in unified sciences, mathematics, music, art, consciousness and spirituality.

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Mindfulness & Meditative Geometry

Mindfulness practices have the ability to shape your life. Through mindful practice, you can begin to reduce stress and anxiety and positively shift your perspective on life. In this session, acclaimed healthcare CEO Robert E. Grant, will be discussing mindfulness and teaching his unique approach to this topic as he walks you through a meditative geometry class.

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