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The Etymology of Number

The Etymology of Number is a four part lecture series that will examine the discovery and evolution of human understanding of numbers and their role in physics, chemistry, photonics, gravity, music, art, architecture, mathematics, measurement, time and human awareness.

Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.  — Leonardo da Vinci

This completely new course series builds upon history and secular teaching from the great philosophers and polymaths of antiquity to today; each equally scientists, mathematicians, psychologists, musicians, architects, artists and sculptors since the dawn of recorded human history. We will examine the works of Pythagoras, Plato, Archimedes, DaVinci, Shakespeare, Kepler, Descartes, Newton, Einstein, and Russell among others. We will also investigate the role of numbers through history within the human psyche, spirituality, Gnosticism, esotericism, self awareness and actualization.

In the second lecture: “The Mystery of Constants,” we will demystify Pi, Phi, Alpha, Euler Number and Euler Mascheroni Constants and their inter-relational effects on the entire universe including planetary orbits, orbital velocities, time measurement, atomic resonance and the universal constant of light speed. Through this lecture, participants will gain a broader appreciation of the multi variant phenomenon we experience everyday, including rhythmic balanced interchange, polarity, complementarity, non-locality, and duality.

The third lecture titled: “The Language of Light” will cover the interrelationship of the mathematical constants, assembling them into a mathematical and universal language of electromagnetism and photonics (light); a language where numbers and geometry are the fundamental basis for our daily observation and life experience, dimensional awareness, and syntactical communication. This lecture will also delve deeply into the twin opposing reactions of vibratory electromagnetism: radiation and its mirrored opposite condition, gravitation as well as implications on spin, angular momentum, energy, forward time, as well as their mirrored opposites including: dark matter, dark energy and the emerging notion of backward time.

The fourth and final lecture, “The Mirror of Consciousness” will review the prior three lectures. The discussion will culminate in the presentation and discussion of a new unified ‘theory of everything’.

If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe. — Nikola Tesla